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          Detachable plate heat exchanger

          Semi-welded plate heat exchanger

          Product advantages
                  Strong compatibility with a variety of critical media, suitable for media that is eroded by gaskets and high pressure operating media.
                  It is easy to disassemble and disassemble, and the plate closed by the gasket can be taken apart for cleaning or cleaning or replacement of the plate group.
                  The heat transfer capacity can be easily adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of plates.
                  The fluid has a small amount of liquid retention and responds quickly to changes in operating conditions.
                  The special process laser welding seal and high pressure structure design make the sealing performance high and the pressure bearing capacity strong.

          Advantages when applied to conventional refrigerant heat exchange conditions
                 Advanced technology and reliable operation. The secondary heat exchange can be avoided, the cost is low, the heat exchange efficiency is high, and the heat exchange amount is large.
                 Easy to install and easy to maintain. It can be cleaned and repaired with long service life and low operating cost.
                 Strong plasticity and flexible adjustment. The amount of heat exchange can be adjusted at will by increasing or decreasing the plate group.

          Thermal isolation technology
                 Jiangsu Bink LSW series semi-welded plate heat exchanger can ensure the complete isolation between the flow channels during the working process. The critical medium flows in the flow channel after welding and seals, and transfers the heat to the common medium on the other side. Without such strict isolation Design, many industrial processes will not be realized.

          Unique runner design
                 The unique flow path design increases the flocculation intensity of the medium flowing into the plate heat exchanger, enhances the heat transfer effect and reduces the corresponding pressure loss. Even if the flow rate of the medium in the heat exchanger is very low, a high heat exchange effect can be obtained. In order to meet the requirements of different working conditions, we have a variety of plate types to choose from.

          Application field
                 Refrigeration and air conditioning and HVAC industry: can be used as evaporator gas superheater, liquid subcooler, heat recovery unit, etc.
                 Chemical industry: heating, cooling, evaporation, condensation process
                 Metallurgical industry: rolling mill, continuous casting machine refrigerator lubricating oil cooling, circulating water cooling
                 Power industry: transformer oil, turbine oil cooling
                 Light textile paper industry: waste heat, waste heat utilization of waste liquid
                 Regional central heating: steam-water heating, intermediate heat exchange station, secondary system water heating
                 Pharmaceutical industry: water for injection, plasma manufacturing

          Some product models
          Jiangsu Bink BKW Series Laser Semi-welded Plate Heat Exchanger Product Specification Data Sheet
          16Bar 25Bar Standard take-up caliber Effective heat exchange area of the veneer Number of assembled plates Max flow Plate thickness Product height Product width Plate height Plate width Corner hole spacing Clamping size
          m³/h mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
          BKW050-NAXXX BKW050-NBXXX DN50 0.12㎡ 240 36 0.6/0.7 920 320 747 248 640*140 N*(3.0+X)
          BKW100-NAXXX BKW100-NBXXX DN00 0.24㎡ 510 145 0.6/0.7 1084 470 871 371 719*225 N*(2.5+X)
          BKW150-NAXXX BKW150-NBXXX DN150 0.46㎡ 470 320 0.6/0.7 1815/1940 610/650 1498 498 1294*298 N*(2.5+X)
          1. The above product data is for reference only. The accurate product data is subject to the product design book and product drawings issued by our company.
          2. The letter "N" in the product model column indicates the number of undetermined plates; the letter "XXX" indicates undetermined product assembly information.